We create human‑centric artificial intelligence.

Cobalt Industries is building software designed to redefine how we interact with our environment, and revolutionizing personalization for a new generation.



Our aim is to effortlessly bridge the gap between the current in-car experience and the fully autonomous vehicles of the future. Cobalt’s YouX platform reimagines the experience of driving, with our next-generation adaptive AI technology skillfully engineered to meet your personal in-car preferences. Crafted with comfort, safety and entertainment in mind, our hardware agnostic software’s novel approach to in-cabin UI/UX provides a superior cabin experience for every journey.


Media & Entertainment

We've made it our mission to become the world's leading platform for mobility entertainment. Our powerful media and entertainment tools allow users to transform the in-car cabin into an interactive entertainment hub, with dynamic, intuitive software that learns from a driver's behavior, trends, preferences and desires to deliver a truly unique and unparalleled personalized experience.



Working in partnership with leading hospitals, academic institutions, physicians and researchers, we bridge neuroscience, affective computing and a design-led approach to problem solving to pioneer tech-led, human-centric solutions to help shape the future of medical research and care around the world.

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Research & Development

We believe that constantly asking constructive questions is the key to creating the technologies of the future. That's why our ever-growing research and development teams continuously optimize our trailblazing algorithmic technology, to create personalized and purposeful interactions designed to improve our everyday experiences.