We bridge neuroscience, affective computing, human-centric design and social science to create products that people truly love and that love them back.

Facilitating meaningful and natural connections between human and technology, Cobalt’s vision is to facilitate the seamless integration between organic human inputs and all forms of consumer and commercial technology.

By developing clever solutions to hard computer science problems, our aspiration is that our biofeedback algorithms and adaptive software can be utilized to transform technology touch-points in day-to-day life.

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Bridging the data divide

Intelligent data and predictive analytics are meant to be the lifeblood of modern life, but until now the true potential of this game-changing technology has not been fully realized. Not even close.

For many years IQ of technology has been prioritized over the EQ of the user experience, creating a tangible divide between man and machine.

The majority of today’s technology lacks emotional intelligence; our computers and gadgets don’t know how we feel and they lack the ability to influence our inspire our moods.

With the ever-increasing adoption of AI technology, the lack of biofeedback in many of these devices are causing serious headaches for manufacturers looking to optimize their products for the next generation.

At Cobalt Industries, our goal is to alleviate this problem by automatically and intelligently enhancing people’s everyday experiences via our unique and radical multisensory solutions.


A Human-Centric Approach

Driven by the adaptability of software and the intricacies of human interaction, our approach to AI is genuinely personalized. Our aim is to create 7 billion personalized AIs - rather than one general AI or static piece of hardware. Humanity is at the beating heart of everything we build.

Expertly and intuitively unlocking datastreams to supercharge in-car AI capabilities, our flagship YouX product is already being used by some of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

By using emotional input and cues taken from the world around us to understand your mood, comfort levels, entertainment preferences and driving style, our revolutionary product becomes an extension of the user, organically evolving over time to help optimize individual journeys throughout life.

Theory of Mind

Cobalt feels different because we are different. Cobalt Industries is a next-generation automotive technology company that believes the future of mobility is about experience.

Our core values


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Rebellious Perfectionists

Cobalt Industries was conceptualized in 2016 and founded in 2018 by pioneering technologist RJ Cobalt. With the mission of _____, Cobalt__________. Our extensive experience in biofeedback systems, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence has made us the trusted software partner of blue-chip companies around the world.